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Clipnote studio is basic animation software and a spiritual successor to the now defunct Flipnote studio by Nintendo. Clipnote allows you to create basic animations that you can share with your friends. 

Mac and Linux ports are in the works. For now you can use Wine to get it to run.

I cannot ensure that your tablet will work with the software.


  • Square and circle brushes
  • Line and shape tools
  • Text tool
  • 6 colors
  • 3 layers for drawing
  • Automatic note downloading/importing
  • User profiles


If you'd like to help me develop Clipnote studio, you can buy a $5 Clipnote license which gives you access to custom themes and a fancy little supporter badge on the main menu. The license is just for people who want to donate to the project and get a little something out of it, none of the main features will be locked from you for not having the license. If you just want to donate to me directly, I have a Ko-fi page if that's more your thing.


You can use Paperclip, a utility created by Frog to export animations as .gif, .mp4, and .clip (Clipnotes file type for sharing)

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(95 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsAnimation, Drawing, flipnotes, frogs-idk, nintendo, software
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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clipnote studio[1.1.2].exe 2 MB
clipnote studio[1.1.1].exe 2 MB
clipnote studio[1.1.0].exe 2 MB
clipnote studio[1.0.1].exe 2 MB
clipnote studio.exe 2 MB

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Whoa, what a nice animation software! <3


can you make one for school chromebooks


Please add an undo button. Just this one simple feature that would make things a lot easier.

Then other potential updates would be of less concern.


i literally cant unless i either give YOYO games a bunch of money and port all the existing code to GML2, or i just remake the whole thing from scratch. dont really want to give shitty companies money, and im a bit too busy with other things to rewrite the whole thing when im not THAT hyped about it anymore.
protip: dont ever use software that costs any amount of money to make a game, shit aint worth it :)


even if you cant add it, amazing work my guy. 

if you ever do decide to rewrite it or whatever you will decide that would be super cool, and would love to see 💪


I honestly can't believe I didn't find this sooner, I love it!


what do the coins do-


you spend them in the shop


How to Undo last change (Ctrl Z) ?

you can't, sadly


I love how similar the animations look to the old Flipnote Studio animations!


For anybody asking about why paperclip doesn't work anymore: You need to select the folder that contains your note, not open it. Clipnote has no file extension, so if you open the folder it will just look like it's empty. If you simply select the folder, paperclip will do its job.

Where is linux support?!


i didnt use linux much when i made clipnote initially and porting GML was such a fucking hassle that i didnt even bother. i use linux basically exclusively now so if i do ever return to this a linux version would be better supported than the windows version ngl


can this app run doom?


lmao there is a shitty hidden raycaster engine, so kinda almost sorta?


Bro, after years you still haven't made an undo button. Why? I remember using this application in elementary school, now I'm going into highschool in not even 2 weeks.  I'm just wonder why after so long you still haven't updated it since end of 2019?


ask me this again in 5-8 year


got it! will do.

how do  I change the destination folder for the .clip file


if youre talking about paperclip, i have no idea i didnt make that tool


Can anyone please tell me a server url i wanna check out other animations aswell as sharing my mine

hello!! i was wondering if theres a way to reduce lag while drawing. at first i thought it was intentional, but apparently  isnt, everything else is fine, but whenever i draw it gets quite laggy and lines become choppy, unless i draw slow ^_^''

there isnt much id be able to do unfortunately, this could be another windows ink issue so try disabling that, otherwise it really just comes down to how your system.is interacting with the software. sorry!

why does it make frames to the left


thats just for inserting frames, if you go past the last frame on the timeline it automatically generates new ones to the right.

So every time I add a textbox the music that I added just stops. ;-; 

So when I downloaded the app and opened the app it gave me this message from "TestPlatformer" saying it failed to open the app of disk space. I'm tired of these errors from windows 💀

(it actually let me use the app now but how do I draw-)


this is a kind of stupid question but will there be a dsi mode? like more accurate to the dsi version rather than 3ds (with a smaller resolution and blue and red only colors if not count white/black)

that was planned, less of a mode, more of a preset

oh okay

do you have any plans for Mac OS?


i havent worked on this in quite awhile, but if i do macOS is planned. but no promises

pleas Mac!

is it on iOS?

nope. windows only as of now


This is was a project I was really interested in, and it's pretty impressive to see that it was done in game maker. I have some years of experience with GML (including the more recent versions) and was wondering, I know you're already working on a C++ rewrite (well, if that's even still set to come out someday?), but I've been thinking about the possibility of just making something different altogether with the Clipnote engine that's already there (at least the drawing parts). Anyways, I wish you success in future projects.


thanks for you comment! a lots changed in the past 2 or so years. i use C now, not C++. and the clipnote rewrite has been started and stopped several times. at the moment im not working on it, however i havent totally ruled out coming back to finish clipnote, just not in the near future. when i made clipnote i was living with my mother in a shit town and making software was my only real escape from life. soon after releasing the current version of clipnote we were evicted from where we were living and i decided to move out on my own away from my mother. i didnt have a lot of time or energy to work on clipnote and things kinda fell apart and im truly sorry about that. im a very different person from who i was 2-3 years ago.

as for the GML codebase, i dont want to release it because i know itll encourge people to carry on with it. however my feelings on gamemaker and yoyo games in general has soured greatly, and i hate the idea that clipnote studio would encourage a skillful programmer to choose to use game maker. in my honest opinion thats a horrible waste. the GML code is specific to GML, so porting it isnt as useful as you may think either. i cannot condone the use of software i genuinely hate. i honestly believe that yoyo games has hindered the indie game community for a long time even if their heart is in the right place which i find hard to believe. if i do ever finish the C version of clipnote, i may release the old GML code, but who knows. i hope you understand!

thanks for the comprehensive reply, and i hope you're doing better in life now!


Mac, please😭


Mac is built on a UNIX environment, which Linux runs on as well. Wine ( aka WineHQ, which you can use on Linux to get some/a lot of Windows apps working natively) on Mac is available here.


well dang, sucks this isnt being updated, really liked it

however its being stubborn and wont let me draw with my mouse

make sure the menu is closed, press tab.

i have no clue if theirs an issue but I can't use my drawing tablet on this software...

like at all? it could be a windows ink thing, or it could be issues with your specific tablet, not sure since i have no info sorry


ralsei :

Will it work on 32bit windows 7?

uh i mean you can try but probably not, 32bit is a bit too rare at this point for it to be a real platform target. like the oldest computer out of the like 7 i own is 64bit. also since this was made in GML im not sure its even possible to target 32bit even if i wanted to

Ok, Thanks. I’ll try

yo, paperclip doesn't work anymore and it doesn't seem to be for anyone else using it either

i didnt make paperclip, but nothings changed since its released really so it should be the same as always. if you want to joim the discord to try and get help thats all i can really offer without knowing the specific issue


Отличное приложение для рисования!

I don't know what's wrong but every time I try and download something it always SAYS its downloading but it doesn't, I was wondering if there's a fix to that or if I'm just being dumb and not seeing it-

that sounds like either a firewall, or a brower specific issue. not sure i can do much to help other than telling you to make sure your computer isnt automatically deleting the file or something

this is so coo


could u make a undo button :C


this wont be getting a new update for a long while. sorry


Looking forward to a Linux version!  Flipnote was so cool & I found it right before it was shut down- this is so great!


pls an undo button T-T



calcium pls add undo itd help alot lol




then i feel like you should allow forks so someone else can. its such an easy feature to add


if the code wasnt written in a language i hate and dont want people to use, i would. the plan was to go open source when the new version was finished.



hey, is there a way to have custom file names? like, when you save something, you can name it or something, or a distinct way to differentiate the files other than the date it was made. or like, a way to edit the file name in the details option when you go to check the image/animation

you can edit the folders name as you like

(1 edit)

edit: I mean how do you change the file name?

oh, you literally just change the folder name in tge %appdata% folder lol

auh, thanks!


its super good imo an undo button would make it perfect


Add an undo button and this would be perfect :D


ahhhhh it works like a dreaaaaaaaam it works like a mfin dream 

Are there any issues with owning it at the same time as clip studio? [they both use .clip as file type name]


nah, clipnote doesnt have any file associations, so its fine. file extensions are a myth lol

this is the best thing ever

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