2.0 soon maybe hopefully

(note the images and gifs used in this post are mostly just test gifs, some of them are from fairly early development of this new build so obviously not representative of the final product)
Alright, after almost 2 weeks of working (with a small 4 day break) I'm getting close to a feature complete 2.0 release. This release has a lot of requested features as well as some features I've wanted to add. In this post I'm going to run through all the features currently in the 2.0 release of the software, as well as some planned features I hope to add very soon. If you have any feature requests, or ideas, you can join the DISCORD and suggest stuff you'd like to see.

ANYWAYS here the feature list


  • ANOTHER completely rewritten engine (this time it works way better)
  • all new visual layout
  • THEMES!!!!
  • better options menu
  • you can now fullscreen anywhere without going into the options menu
  • the view mode is improved and looks nicer
  • the exit button when drawing will now ask if you actually want to exit or not
  • theres a clock on the main menu because i like stuff like that
  • you can import sound .ogg files from within the software instead of having to go to your appdata folder


  • the main animation menu is now split up into TABS which means...
  • LAYERS! huge requested feature
  • 3 layers which can be merged, copied individually, deleted, or hidden
  • layers also means, WHITE IS NOW A NORMAL COLOR thus an eraser tool has been added and can be used in combination with any other tool
  • A FRAMES TAB! to make things easier to visualize
  • frames can also be copied and pasted easier
  • the engine is re written which means drawing is much faster and way better
  • using patterns doesnt result in weird clumps anymore like it used to
  • re writing the engine also means NEW TOOLS
  • CIRCLE/SQUARE TOOLS (you can hold a button to make them perfectly square/make them filled in or not)
  • TEXT TOOL im really happy about this one
  • text can be rotated and scaled
  • 6 colors/patterns
  • theres a nudge tool, you can move frames around
  • the software now uses the much larger 3DS resolution (320x240) for notes instead of the DSi resolution (256x192)


    • sound is planned so its easier to know what the heck is going on
    • even more hidden easter eggs and minigames (currently the only one thats finished is a picross clone)
    • a really cool, easier way to share notes to the world is on the way maybe hopefully, if everything goes well
    • a selection tool is a wip rn but should be done soon
    • a fill tool is also planned. its a highly requested features, dont quote me on this though

    in addition to all this stuff, id like to announce that im working towards something really big for this release. hopefully it all goes well, if it does, clipnote studio can reach a much larger audience and ill be able to make this tool even better. this super top secret totally 100% legit idea will unfortunately delay the softwares release a bit, but i promise if everything goes to plan, it will be worth it. if my plan falls through, ill still release the software here for free so dont worry. for all of you, theres nothing to lose with me trying something new.

    LASTLY, id like to thank everyone for over ~350 downloads. and a huge thank to everyone in the clipnote studio discord for being supportive and interested in what im doing. i set out to make something i wanted and searched for for years, and its great to see that my time and effort has paid off not only for me, but for everyone else like me whos wanted something like this. i plan to work on this for as long as necessary and keep it alive. thank you.

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