UPDATE: 1.1.0 organization.

Decently sized update, mostly adding folders for organization as well as reworking some under the hood stuff and made things easier to navigate/touch friendly. Please download the new update when you get a chance.



-rewrote playback system, lag and sync issues should be fixed
-software now automatically creates themes folder
-reworked how the gallery is handled behind the scenes
-notes that are imported while viewing the gallery are now automatically added to the notes list when finished so you dont have to re-enter the gallery
-removed the unused news button in servers, will be readded later
-made the entire title screen clickable
-removed sus exploit
-capped coin count
-user data files now have a new format, your current user file should convert automatically
-changed the view modes button layout making it more compact
-view mode controls will now show up if you click or move the mouse making them touch friendly
-added some secrets
-added folders to gallery
-you can now click and drag notes into folders
-downloads folder automatically gets added to when a note finishes downloading and importing


clipnote studio[1.1.0].exe 2 MB
Apr 25, 2019

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