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will there be a mac port? if yes, when?

This is super cool!

This is an absolutely perfect program, i love it. I do however have issues with the sound function- i do use a .ogg file, but when i import it, nothing changes. Is this a common issue?

yeah, so currently theres no indication its actually been imported, but it has been, just add frames and it should be fine. this will be fixed, audio wasnt high priority for the old versions

Thank you! However, this doesn't seem to be it. I'll join the Discord server to learn more info, maybe i've just missed something simple without realizing it!

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The programm doesn't work when I try to open it?

do you have any more info on why it might not be working? or like system specs or something?

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Not really, the first time I opened it it worked, but nothing more happened after that. when i try to open it nothing happens.

weird, only thing i can think of is deleting the clipnote folder in your %appdata%

I somehow fixed it

Cool app!

Do you plan on making Android version?

possibly yes

oh ok

how do i make a server

theres info in our discord


are you gonna add zoom?


bogos binted?




*minecraft cave sound*


Is there a fill tool?


not currently


I really wanna use this to create some future animations because of how much i love the flipnote style! Sadly though it is pretty inefficient and clunky.. do you think you'll be able to add in some quality of life improvements to make things go a bit faster?


its going to be awhile if at all, give aesprite a try, its pretty easy to replicate flipnotes with it, you can even make custom brushes


okay thats fine! I hope youll be able to continue updating it

Deleted 194 days ago

there isnt currently an undo button

is there a night mode or black background?

not built in no


how do you undo? is undo a feature

Is there any way to zoom?

not currently no

I really like this program, I am very grateful to you, really, I also hope that in the future there will be more colors and the ability to create more than three layers, I will try to buy a license in the near future, thank you,thank you very much

Deleted 1 year ago

banned you for a reason, lol

okay, i started like... 3-4 days ago i think? are you able to shrink and grow drawings?? and how do i make / join a server?

i dont think i added any shrink or grow functuons in the current version. also theres info about servers on our discord. there currently arent any online.

this is very pog

i cant draw

make sure the menu is closed, press tab


can someone please explain how to download my animation!

because idk what this means lol: (what!?)

your animations are in your appdata folder. idk why people say download when the files are stored locally

oooooh thanks really helpful!

This is awesome! Im looking for this app i brings me back when i play Flipnote in my Nintendo dsi thanks!


for some reason i do not know how to download my works?


will there be a mobile version ?


maybe android

uh i have a problem, when i press left click, it doesn't put down any drawing. please help


make sure the menu is closed by pressing tab


how do you erase?


Just wow, subjectively the best animation Software I've ever seen! It gives me really good memories when I had my DSi. Really good Job, but I would love to be able to use Ctrl + Z for undo this and that. It would be awesome!

ctrl + z seems like a weird hotkey, i always use F15 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh, I don't have the F15 key, because I use another keyboard layout, so as I was saying, it would be really helpful if you implement the CRTL + Z function, or just an option to set custom hotkeys!. I really love this software, but it's just a suggestion :D

wait wait wait, you have a Z key? i dont???

Lol fr? where are u from? XD


I bought the license and applied it to my copy of Clipnote. Where do I get the custom themes?

theres a few as well as a template in the discord server


Can you please put more colors, <3

how do i make a new frame?

D or use the next frame button

it said it might put my pc at risk :(

thats just because windows is paranoid of anything that isnt widely used software. clipnotes risk free

Deleted 2 days ago

thats a windows ink issue, youre best bet is to just disable it

and that your animations can be downloaded
I just have a question, how to see the animations of others and publish yours

all of your animations are in the appdata directory, you can use paperclip to convert them, and youll have to find others work on your own

i wish it had hatena but this is pretty cool too.
mad respect for the people who made this<3

there is a server feature, anyone can host their own server

wait how do i add frame

oh wait i figured it out


As soon as I read that there’s a Linux version in the works, I was real excited. I will wait however long I need to for this. Totally hyped since I never got the chance to use flipnote

itll be awhile, so for now, clipnote works fine with wine if youre okay with installing that

if you do one more post ur at 100 calcium_chan!!!

I’d be okay with it, but I’ve added and removed it so many times it’s just not worth it

how do i export it as an mp4? or is there no way to

you can use paperclip, its a conversion tool. it should be linked on our store page!


hi, i downloaded your app, and when i went to make a brush stroke, my ENTIRE COMPUTER crashed. i'm using a tablet to write this, and my computer WILL NOT turn on. i really hope your app didn't somehow kill my computer. :(


ive never heard of this happening before. i doubt clipnote was the cause considering how sandboxed it is though. sorry that happened to you.


eventually. maybe

every feature ever is planned for ver 2, the only downside is that it's never coming out, i get it


:) im very busy

man you have a lot of patience for all these people who for some reason feel entitled to your time and hard work??? lol

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