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iit keeps opening on the top of my screen and the little top bar gets hidden over the area i can click in so i cant go fullscreen... sobbies

also PLEEAse add undoing to this the amount of mistakes that i make is uncountable

anyways yeah this is , really good amazing i like it

will there ever be another update? a select tool so you can copy and paste whatever you select and so it's easier to make down and up movements (cause drawing the frame over and over again in a horizontal or vertical motion is pretty hard) would be a nice addition 💙💛

Wish there were a way to make sounds in the program

best app on the itch io store

is there a way to download animations on my computer as like an mp4 and not a dip i wanna share stuff with frens but i cant find the file on my computer


where is the shop,i have 50 coins.

I love thiss, it's a silly and fun app to draw with ><

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I had no idea something like this existed for windows!! thank you for making an easy to use animation program similar to flipnote studio.

i've always wanted to "move on" to other programs but the learning curve pushed me back every time. thank you for the time you worked on it, and i hope your other projects are successful ^^


Why does this have  a trojan malware 💀💀💀💀


it doesnt. if your antivirus is flagging it thats relatively common for weird pieces of software like this, windows is pretty overzealous with flagging anything thats not commonly used. unless you downloaded it from somewhere weird, clipnote doesnt contain malware.

can’t get it to go all the way full screen it still has the bars and stuff 😔

im having trouble with using this on my drawing tablet, it seems to just not like to start lines where i start having my pen at, it also doesnt like to draw small lines either

thats usually a windows ink issue, try disabling that

god please how help me

I went into the application I installed with my drawing tablet and unchecked a box saying "use microsoft ink"

it's probably different for each tablet, but for me it was under the pen settings

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what do you use the coins for? i have 90 and i dont know what to do with them

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Can you use it on iPad?

Also why no fill


Is there a way to clear the current frame? If not, then that's something that should definitely be added. Also a way to undo would be nice, but I'm sure that's already planned.


eee e eee eeeee eee eee eeee

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add other colors pls

i would LIKE brown 

from me


This is awesome, way better than flipaclip, in my opinion. And i have been using flipaclip for two years. But please add an undo button. also lasso and bucket would be useful as well, i dont know if you have them or not tho.

what does the lisence file do

it essentially tells you what you can and can’t do when it comes to copyright stuff, basically

An undo button is important, but I think a paint bucket is just as important, also more colour options like brown would be a great help. I am willing to pay you for this.

Helloooo back again to ask another question. 

When I start my animations, I first add an audio so that my animations won't feel delayed with the sound when animating.

 The first thing I do is try to add the audio (OGG file btw), but when playing the animation, I can't hear it. So, is there a way for me to find the audio? Did the type of audio file change? Or do I have to finish the entire animation for me to actually add/hear the audio?

idk if you found the solution by now but try adding as many frames as how long you think the audio will last

i will transfer you money to add an undo button update lol, the software's really cool

gomen gomen

What's the frame limit?

that depends on your ram honestly


how do you export animation

Try this.


Are there any plans to add an undo keybind? I really love this tool and I feel the one thing holding it back is the inability to undo.


PLEASE be available for macOS in future update T T

Make the textures more accurate because everyone got pissed off when they realized it wasn't real from the textures



love it, so annoyed sudomemo isnt on pc

Will you guys ever add music to the menu in a future update?


This is a question just for the creator of the software / game, but would you mind putting a update section or blog link for updates? I have been confused on if the game has been updated recently, or left behind.

Thank you!


just started using clipnote (wanted to animate with flipnote but theres no way for me to put an sd card into my pc atm :p) and its reallly good so far. tho, the only thing that bugs me is that ctrl z doesnt work. is there any documentation on how stuff works or if theres any hidden commands? those would really help with the workflow

currently there is no undo because i never finished clipnote, heres a list of keybinds tho

TAB - open/close menu
SPACE - play/pause
R,E,Q,F - quick menus
W,S - brush size
A,D - move between frames



this rocks, thanks! :>

I checked the file through virustotal, and as many as four antiviruses say it's a trojan. What is it? 


i would assume thats due to the fact that clipnote has a bunch of web and file related calls, and windows antivirus software just really hates anything that isnt well known because its paranoid af, from an antiviruses perspective it has no idea what the code is ACTUALLY doing, it just knows it COULD do harm. as long as you downloaded from it should be safe. logically, the most recent clipnote file has been up since 2019 and no ones had an issue, if my software was doing anything actually malicious my itch account would probably just be gone ngl.


MacOS port by any chance

not currently, i dont own any MAC devices unfortunately

I can help with the port if you want

Just wondering. Any plan to open source this?
Regardless the answer, I still want to say thank you for creating this wonderful software :)


definitely not the current version for a variety of reasons, but if i ever do finish a C version i do plan on making that open source if the day ever comes.

if there is an copy and paste button or a sequence of buttons please tell me, it will be much easier for mee

the big C and P buttons on the frames menu can copy frames, and i think layers? i dont remember


will there be linux support?

Whoa, what a nice animation software! <3


can you make one for school chromebooks


Please add an undo button. Just this one simple feature that would make things a lot easier.

Then other potential updates would be of less concern.


i literally cant unless i either give YOYO games a bunch of money and port all the existing code to GML2, or i just remake the whole thing from scratch. dont really want to give shitty companies money, and im a bit too busy with other things to rewrite the whole thing when im not THAT hyped about it anymore.
protip: dont ever use software that costs any amount of money to make a game, shit aint worth it :)


even if you cant add it, amazing work my guy. 

if you ever do decide to rewrite it or whatever you will decide that would be super cool, and would love to see 💪

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