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Can you please put more colors, <3

how do i make a new frame?

D or use the next frame button

it said it might put my pc at risk :(

thats just because windows is paranoid of anything that isnt widely used software. clipnotes risk free

having issues with my drawing tablet where when i put the pen down it doesnt always seem to start drawing a line. it can take a bit of movement before it suddenly kicks in. doesnt happen in other programs/when using my mouse. im using a huion tablet. this program is absolutely amazing besides that, keep up the great work!

thats a windows ink issue, youre best bet is to just disable it

and that your animations can be downloaded
I just have a question, how to see the animations of others and publish yours

all of your animations are in the appdata directory, you can use paperclip to convert them, and youll have to find others work on your own

i wish it had hatena but this is pretty cool too.
mad respect for the people who made this<3

there is a server feature, anyone can host their own server

wait how do i add frame

oh wait i figured it out


As soon as I read that there’s a Linux version in the works, I was real excited. I will wait however long I need to for this. Totally hyped since I never got the chance to use flipnote

itll be awhile, so for now, clipnote works fine with wine if youre okay with installing that

if you do one more post ur at 100 calcium_chan!!!

I’d be okay with it, but I’ve added and removed it so many times it’s just not worth it

how do i export it as an mp4? or is there no way to

you can use paperclip, its a conversion tool. it should be linked on our store page!


hi, i downloaded your app, and when i went to make a brush stroke, my ENTIRE COMPUTER crashed. i'm using a tablet to write this, and my computer WILL NOT turn on. i really hope your app didn't somehow kill my computer. :(


ive never heard of this happening before. i doubt clipnote was the cause considering how sandboxed it is though. sorry that happened to you.


eventually. maybe

every feature ever is planned for ver 2, the only downside is that it's never coming out, i get it


:) im very busy

man you have a lot of patience for all these people who for some reason feel entitled to your time and hard work??? lol


Everytime someone asks, the next release date gets moved farther and farther out.

coming soon in 204380@(488319838374729192($+@'28$829$-8=-82=-1#9$2-

Do you plan on making it available on Linux?

yeah. i develop in linux using c++ now

What about Mac?


Question, can you export individual frames of the animations that you make?

all the animations are saved as .png files in your appdata folder, you can just grab the specific frame that you want from there!

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Wheres the Mac port for Clipnote Studio?


Huh, I was wondering if such a thing would exist. So when will 2.0 release?


planned release date is 2030


you're joking

Yeah thats a little far from now


May I suggest having an option to change the keyboard shortcuts to other keys?


thats planned.

That's sooo cool! I almost want to buy a 3ds for flipnote :)

I just wanna ask how to zoom drawings and whirling them?

zoom and whirling? there is no zoom feature currently, and idk what you mean by whirling

Sorry I'm not really good at english... Seems like translator is not really helpful... Like rotate? (I wish this word is right...

Will you add zoom and this?

oh i see! yes both of these features are planned!

Hello! I have a few questions about the application interface.

1. How can I download animations? I pressed "download", but no windows were displayed for me, and I did not find the files in the folder,,,
2. How can you import sound into animation? do you need a certain number of frames in the animation for this?
and sorry for the bad english, i don't speak it ..

to download you either need to connect to a server, unfortunately there arent any online right now. or find a .clip file online. as for sound, the sound file needs to be .ogg, and you need to have several frames for the audio to actually play as the audio loops back when you get to the last frame

can you help me with the tablet issue? i know its was by window ink but im using win7 so can you help?

im not sure, try just looking for tutorials on disabling windows ink, aside from that i cant be much help!

install gentoo


Hey, I'm having trouble importing sounds. I click "Import" and then select my .ogg file, but nothing happens.  I'll use 645 frame, but I'm done with the frames creation, and now all I have to do is to import the .ogg file and  animate.  Also, I loved the app!


a common issue is that theres no real indication that the audio has been import, the solution to that is to have enough frames for the audio to actually play, since the audio starts over when it gets to the end of the frames. tho if you have 645 frames, it should play just fine when you hit play. if its not tho, my best guess is that your audio metadata is weird? ive had issues with that in the past, so you could try opening your audio in audacity and clearing all the tags when you export it as a .ogg. thats my best guess though

Hi.  IDK what happened but it's working now! I think all I needed to do was draw a line on one of the frames? Or maybe Audacity actually helped. But, yeah, TYSM!

This is most likely a problem on my part, plus I'm really new to the Wacom tablet stuff but for some reason the pen will barely register whenever I try to draw something on it, for example If you were to try and write "This is a test" it would come out as just a whole bunch of dots and small lines. It only seems to do it for this software.

tablet compatability is weird currently, most likely its a windows ink issue, if you can, disable that.

I figured out how to disable the ink thing and It works fine now, thanks for the help! :D

Can you make Clipnote available for IOS?

maybe, android is likely, but apple is stupid and dumb so IOS is a huge maybe

an android version would be great

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

Will you add Rectangle Select, Yellow & Purple colors and Undo features in the next update? Because you're forgetting something.

undo yeah, select tools probably. and ive talked about colors a bunch, youll see when the update gets released in 2056

2056? That's way too long. Also, you're missing Invert Colors tool too.

sorry i meant 2070

Oh... 2070 is way too long either.

delaying to 2089

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It would be really cool if you add a public server like the original.

anyone can host a server, im probably not going to run an official one tho


there should be info on the clipnote website in the tools section

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cool this is a great sens i cant get a n dsi emulator to run flipnote this is the next best thing   but  sadly theres no big online community servers i can find for this recreation    unlike flipnotes online servers like sudomemo   but this  is a great  alternative  

There are no shorcuts and Ctrl+Z? It's quite a pain having to close the canvas everytime I want to change something


there are some shortcuts, and undo is a thing in the new wip version, which is being made in C++ instead of GML. the current released version isnt that great i will admit

how do you color it? i can't color the drawings, s it a bucket paint tool?


you just pick a different color and then color it all in

lmao i everytime mark the outline

i like it so far but i want proper graphics tablet support (there's a weird bug where i start drawing and the line actually showing up is delayed by a second but if i use a mouse or a trackpad, it's fine)

thats an issue with windows ink, you can try disabling that. ill try to implement tablet support somehow in the next uodate but no promises. windows is just trash and hates doing things in a way that makes sense.

this sucks the cursor should not give you a seizure when you draw. Just make it a dot.  

ive fixed that for the next version, making it a dot doesnt work too well imo, but it will be an option in the next update

thank you



How can I export something? :(

all files are saved in your appdata directory, you can use papclip, which is linked on our store page, to convert clipnotes into other formats

If you add an import image  option, a undo option and a stabilizer for tablets (that's not too necessary but...) the program will more perfect and comfortable than it already is :D!


Hey, i wonder if you could add a undo button, it would reeeeeealy help. Because its a bit annoying to erase the things you draw wrong.

that is planned for the next update

Is there a support for digital tablet? If no, it will be? When I try to use my tablet it takes a while to start drawing in the aplication.


thats an issue with windows ink, im working to fix it but no guaratees. windows sucks

Thanks for the response, I tried deactivating Windows Ink and now it works fine! Thanks!

bruh this is a godsend. I wish I had more money to throw at you.

I have a question, will there ever be a version available for Linux that I won't need to buggily run through Wine? Again, this is amazing and you can tell a lot of effort and love was poured into this. Just curious qwq


new versions are developed with c++ on linux, so yes native linux support will be a thing

That's great to hear!

how about use a good os lol

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