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having trouble downloading animation on PC... its kind confusing

Deleted 1 year ago

im working on adding a few different ways to add audio.


Is it possible to import old flipnotes? Because I have like 3 sd cards literally filled with flipnotes and my poor dsi is on its last legs.


yes! our wonderful friend james has made a converter called flipclip, it should be linked in the #rules channel on our discord server. make sure you save and back up your original flipnote files!

I'm a believer.

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Damn. Really cool!

The only thing missing for me  is a quick unto button during drawing.

edit, I see you mentioned it is in the works. Nice. For your next project maybe you  can make WarioWare DIY.  Hahah. No really do respect you for putting time in this. Thanks.

Can you flip frames?

not currently no

how do we download the animation i made

they should be stored in your appdata folder


Keep up the great work! I am a proud supporter of Clipnote Studio.

when can we hope for an undo button? erasing certain parts because of a small mistake is just... ehhh

i cant really make any promises, i want to have it in the next update, which will probably be a pretty big update, so it may take a little while. im really sorry for the wait


How do the servers work?

anyone can host a server, theyre kinda like minecraft servers, right now i dont think anyone is hosting one. also theres a FAQ on our discord server with a bit more info

Do you know how to delete notes?

GML doesnt allow for proper file deletion, so you currently have to go into the appdata folder and delete them manually

amazing project, just loved how it reminds me of flipnote in a different-great way

Hey, I’ve been using this and it’s really really cool, but in the trailer I saw that you can select objects and move/copy+paste them, and I can’t figure out how to do it

you can copy whole frames on the frame page with the C/P buttons, and you can move frames around with the arrow keys

Very cool! would love an undo feature

undo is still in the works

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what sound files does clipnote use? i have an mp3 i wanted to use but it doesnt show up when i want to select a sound

it uses .ogg i hope to add support for other formats, and recording audio directly in the software

Deleted 1 year ago

I'm really glad you liked it! I hope you stick around for the new c++ version which should be even better.

I've used the original flipnote on my 3ds, and it was pretty great. This looks amazing as well, if not better. Is there a mac version? If not, can you suggest any other animation software like this?

there's no mac version currently, there should be in the next update though, for now you can use wine to run clipnote on mac

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this is super cool, but when i draw the line doesn’t start until a little after i put my pen on the tablet. is this something youve seen before or is it on my end

EDIT: false alarm, went to pen settings and unchecked “use windows ink,” it’s fixed now :)

is there any way to zoom? i find difficult to animate without zooming to make more accurate the frames


there will be in the next big update 

Deleted 1 year ago

when you type text and you backspace something it deletes 2 letters instead of 1

does it always do that? it might be an issue with my old input buffer code. im working to fix that though

Yeah it keeps doing it.
I just booted it up to see if it was a one time thing but no :l

this is very cool and also reminds me of the nintendo ds flipnote studio

That's the point.


very cool but, Why does it auto-closes when we try to discord screen share it?


lolwot, that shouldnt happen. i have no idea

well then, oof, fixing it would be cool

i see that the license file is in a different page, but you can set different files with prices...

doing that is obnoxious on my end for a lot of reasons. 

Is there an undo hotkey?

no but there should be in the next few updates

Oh this is still in development? :O That's cool! I was thinking of using it for videos if it had a few more features. Any idea yet when that next update will be coming around?

not totally sure, development has been pretty slow lately, but im getting reduced hours at work so i have more time for this. hopefully it wont be too long before i can release something

Oh wow this looks good! Great job at capturing the nostalgia and capturing what made it so fun. 😊


why does it say its a virus is it a virus?


lmao no, windows is just stupid and thinks everything it doesn't recognize is a virus


i agree

me too

im so glad i found this, ive been looking for a flipnote clone for years omgggggg. thanks for taking the time to make this, its truly a blessing ahh. so nostalgic!!

this is everything i ever wanted.. thank you from the bottom of my heart


excuse me, i was wondering how to import sound? i can't really animate without sound.


there's a tab for sound in the menu, you have to use .ogg format audio, and currently there's no indication that it's imported, so you'll just have to add a bunch of frames and click play to make sure it's imported, this will be smoothed out in the future


i saw this and it made me cry, i remember all the good memories i forgot i had. Thank you so much <3

This is amazing! 5 stars! :)


Awesome idea!
Flipnote Studio miss too much... :(

Hello, I'm having trouble regarding paperclip. Whenever I convert my clipnotes to mp4, it gets rid of all of the colors and makes it in grayscale for some reason ? Do you have any idea why this is ? D: 

Hey there, this is the wrong game page to ask for this type of support on. I presume you are trying to convert clipnotes to mp4 using paperclip? If so, please visit the game page for paperclip by meatsphere and post your support request in the comments section there. The link to that page is:

Can this be used on an iPad?

not currently, porting to Adroid is way more likely than IOS though.

You could probably use Duet, EasyCanvas, or XSplit for iPad.

I would like to support you with a small donation but I don't have a way to give it to you ... I love the project

Maybe try bitcoin...? Just trying to help. ;-)

how do i draw? i'm trying to, but it isn't working.

you have to close the menu first, the hotkey is tab and there should be a button in the top left corner

oh ok, thank you!

is it comptible with pen tablets? let's say wacom for example


it doesn't have pressure sensitivity, but most tablets should work since they're basically mice. you might have some trouble with window's ink though.

It would be nice to add a pen pressure sensitivity^^ (and opacity but this one would be hard to do I think)


pressure sensitivity is planned, but opacity wont be added.

is there gonna be a colour wheel or just basic colours you can select?

only the flipnote color scheme is supported,  I have no current plans to add more colors


Is there a chance that Clipnote studio coming out on mac? Cause all I have is a Macbook and I really want to download this cause I love animating and the style flipnote is very cool.


mac and Linux ports are in the works. for now you can use wine to run the windows version on mac

How are things going, lad?

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