A downloadable IWAD

A minimal IWAD file. Meant to be a starting point for making full games (total conversions) in the GZDOOM or ZANDRONUM source ports.

I made this mostly so i could quickly get standalone games up and running quickly. Might be good for game jams or other such things. I'm sure there could be a lot of improvements to this, but I put it together with as little as i felt was needed or useful. If you can think of ways to improve it, id love to hear from you in the comments!

Fonts and certain other assets are ripped from https://freedoom.github.io/ . I may replace them later but fonts and M_ files are a pain.

If you do release a project, all I ask is that you specify that it was made in GZDOOM on your projects page, and/or link to this project. Help our community grow!

Check https://zdoom.org/index for everything else you'll need, like an editor (Slade3), a map editor (Ultimate Doom Builder), and of course the source port/engine itself (GZDOOM). (This is all could change in the future as new tools are released.)

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Tags3D, Doom, First-Person, Game engine

Install instructions

put this file into the same directory gzdoom.exe and it should automatically identify it as an IWAD.


standalone 1.1.ipk3 147 kB
standalone.ipk3 147 kB

Development log


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I have error message wheb i launch Gzdoom builder help me please.

whats the error messge lmao

missing file

idk dude that tells me nothing, maybe ask in GZDB discord or something